Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please read the user manual. Press the Help button on the main screen to view it. There are many powerful functions in the software that might not be immediately obvious. We've tried to keep things easy to use for common tasks so the more complex parts may not be apparent. A scan through the manual is worth ten minutes of your time.

Q: Why doesn't my video link from the 3D page / YouTube?
A: You need to open the video pane on the main screen and check the YouTube column has a complete link to a valid video that looks like It could also be that your GPS device and video were in different time zones or out of sync so that the start time of the GPS event file and video don't match. When you Visualise the event file you can use the Change Start Time function to make the events match your video(s). You can also type a new start time on the videos pane of the main screen.

Q: Why does my video show up at the wrong time?
A: See above.

Q: How do I adjust time if time zones or my devices are out of sync?
A: Visualise the event file and use the Change Start Time function to make the events match your video(s). You can also look at the video on the main screen's Videos pane and type a new time to overwrite the old one.

Q: I'm using an older camera which doesnt support GPS - what should I do?
A: Some older devices such don't have GPS functionality. Although it's far more convenient if you use a modern camera, you can record your route another way.
See the next question...

Q: What if my video doesn't contain GPS data?
A: You can use GPS data from any other source, such as a GPX file from a phone app. If the start time of the GPX and video don't match they can be adjusted, see above.
For Android GeoTracker For Apple Open GPX Tracker
Make sure you remember to start recording GPS before you start recording video! You might wish to consider upgrading to a camera which supports GPS.

Q: How do I import heart rate or cadence data?
A: Rather than use GPS from the camera you can use a GPX, TCX or other file which contains biometric data. See above.

Q: How do I get text labels to show on the 3D view?
A: Using the Visualiser screen edit the comment field to read LABEL: mytext

Q: Why is the start of my GPS data spiky?
A: GPS enabled devices need time to acquire satellites. The longer you let them settle the more satellites they'll find and better you position will be determined. You should turn on your camera for at least a minute before hitting record. Use the Visualiser's delete button to remove bad events from the start of a file.

Q: The 3D route is not shown on my phone when viewing the web page.
A: Unfortunately some older phones have limited WebGL support.

Q: Do I need to provide video for my whole route?
A: No. If you just want to put in a few highlight sections that'll work just fine.

Q: Can you add a new feature for me?
A: Ask us, we might! But we also have a full survey software package that does way more than Terra-DV. Our company has decades of experience in underwater, drone and land survey. Please get in touch.

Q: How do I make multiple cameras work?
A: If you're running more than one camera make one directory for the footage from each camera. When you import the video assign each camera a different location on the pull down menu. The "centre" camera is the principle, when we export to YouTube the links for the centre camera will be used. Locally you can play multiple video streams in our VLC based player. Online from the 3D model only one camera is supported as we can't run multiple YouTube streams.

Q: How do I upload to YouTube?
A: In your YouTube account look for Content on the left pane. Click that, then Create at the top right.

Q: How do I link my videos to YouTube?
A: Copy the YouTube link, such as Go to the Videos pane in Terra-DV and click the YouTube field for your selected video. Paste the link in using Ctrl-Insert or Ctrl-V and press enter.

Q: Why can't friends see the video linked to my 3D route?
A: If you can see it and other people can't you've likely not clicked the box for Public on YouTube.

Q: How are GPX file time zones handled? Why doesn't my video time match?
A: Most devices save GPX files in Zulu / GMT time, not your local time zone. If Terra-DV sees this it will adjust times into your PC's local time zone. But if you recoded the GPX file on holiday in a different zone to the one you're in now it won't be correct. See above for editing GPX and video times.

Q: How do I use UK Ordnance Survey maps?
A: You need to download the 12Gb maps database from Ordnance Survey and copy it to the system directory. It's called OS_Open_Zoomstack.gpkg. To display it press the Overlay button on the Visualiser.

Q: On my Mac I'm being asked about directory permissions.
A:See below:

When you use Terra-DV for import video or other files for the first time you may receive a system prompt on you Mac asking if you want to allow the program to access files in your Downloads folder or other locations. This prompt will appear when you open a file dialog to select files for import. If when you are prompted you dismiss the prompt or don't grant access the file dialog won't display the files you want to import. This is a security feature on the Mac and its the same for all applications. If you want to be able to import video and you cant see the files then open the Mac settings application and select Security & Privacy. In the left hand panel scroll down to Files and Folders and in the right hand pane locate Then unlock the padlock on the bottom left and then for check the locations you want to allow such as the downloads folder, network locations or removable volumes. You will need to close and restart the Terra-DV program for the changes to take effect.

If you would like to ask us a question please use the contact form and we will do our best to answer.