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Terra-DV allows you to analyse and track performance or simply share your adventures and experiences with others.

Capture your route data video and upload it. You can view routes and data on a google maps overlay to see speed, altitude and every twist and turn.
Review your performance and collate speed, height, heart rate and cadence. Create highlight videos, add comments or labels, including markers in 2D or 3D.
Share experiences in 3D by exporting to our cloud service. Click routes and watch videos as though you were there or search other users’ routes to plan your next adventure.
in 3D
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  • Create route from GoPro, dashcams or drone video
  • Create route and video on smartphone
  • Jump to straight to video at any GPS location
  • Highlight and annotate positions from your routes
  • Grab still images from any position

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  • Available for PC or Mac
  • Connect your GoPro, dashcam, FitBit, phone or drone
  • Review performance data over Google maps
  • Select your favourite routes and create shareable 3D views

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How does it work?

Terra-DV is an app designed to import video and GPS data.

It creates the route and lets you to view linked speed, height, cadence or heart rate.

Use your 2D or 3D route map to jump to video at any point.

Make highlight video clips by placing start and end markers on the map.

Terra-DV™ by DataVerse 

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