Terra-DV for
road cycling enthusiasts

Use Terra-DV to record and re-live your road cycling trips
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Shift your road cycling activities up a gear with Terra-DV

Terra-DV allows you to go back and re-live your ride, see places of interest, stunning architecture or magnificent scenery that may have just pased you by

Use Terra-DV to view your route on a 3D or 2D map and jump to video at any point along the route.

Analyse your route and stats, see your top speed, heart rate and cadence and compare to previous rides. Challenge yourself to beat your fastest time.

Use Terra-DV to share your road cycle routes with other cyclists and clubs.

Tag or label points
of interest
Log heart rate or cadence
& import with GPS positions
Share your 3D map views
with like minded riders


  • Create route from GoPro, dashcams or drone video.
  • Create route and video from a smartphone.
  • Jump to straight video at any GPS location.
  • Highlight and annotate positions from your routes.
  • Grab still images from any position.


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  • Available for PC or Mac
  • Connect your GoPro, dashcam, FitBit, or phone
  • Review performance data over Google maps
  • Select your favourite routes and create shareable 3D views

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