Terra-DV for drivers

Use Terra-DV to record and re-live your road trips
Gear up your driving experience with Terra-DV

Use Terra-DV to view the route from your dashcam on a 3D or 2D map, jump to video at any point of the route, reliving your road trip and creating a memorable souvenir!

Share routes and video footage of your holiday travels with family and friends. Mark your own points of interest, best viewpoints or places to stop and eat.

Terra-DV can bring your footage to life and preseve your driving vacation memories with loved ones for years to come.

Tag or label points
of interest
Log vehicle speed
& import with GPS positions
Share your 3D map views
with like minded drivers


  • Create route from GoPro, dashcams or drone video.
  • Create route and video from a smartphone.
  • Jump to straight video at any GPS location.
  • Highlight and annotate positions from your routes.
  • Grab still images from any position.


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Get Started

  • Try Terra DV for free *
  • Available for PC or Mac
  • Connect your GoPro, dashcam, FitBit, or phone
  • Review performance data over Google maps
  • Select your favourite routes and create shareable 3D views

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